The scope of Family Law is very wide;

  • Is the process expensive? 
    • YES IT CAN BE, it’s best to try to settle things amicably.
    • Must we go to court or can we settle things privately?
    • Must I use a lawyer?  NO, but it’s wise to do so.
  • Separation and divorce
    • Must we go to court for a divorce?
    • Whose fault?
    • Can I have a prenuptial agreement?
  • De-facto relationship
    • You have similar rights to a married couple, if you have been together for a sufficiently long period.
  • Support for former spouse
    • The court may make orders it considers just and reasonable, for one former spouse to support the other
  • Children
    • The Family Law Act 1975 focuses on the rights of children and the responsibilities that each parent has towards their children, rather than on parental rights.
    • The Act aims to ensure that children can enjoy a meaningful relationship with each of their parents and are protected from harm.
    • The parents have equal responsibility for the children, can our shares of responsibility be changed?
    • How do I make a parenting plan?  Is it enforceable?
    • With whom do the children stay?
    • Who pays for the child support?
    • How are important decisions about children to be made?
    • What is a Family Dispute Resolution Partitioner?  Must I use one? IF THERE ARE KIDS INVOLVED, YES!
  • Finances
    • What share of the family assets are the parties entitled?
    • What about the relative contributions to the family assets?
    • How is superannuation treated?
    • What if the marriage is only short duration?
    • What if we have a de-facto relationship?
    • What about the relative earning capacities of the parties?
  • Domestic violence
    • If there is any violence, CONTACT THE POLICE
    • There are resources available, such as women’s refuges for women in danger.


Your Agreement with your lawyer

Your lawyer should: You are in charge, your lawyer should make that clear You have a right to know the possible outcomes of your legal matter.  Sometimes your lawyer will need to tell you that the outcome you seek is not possible.  This might be for reasons of law or...

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Who can qualify for Legal Aid

LEGAL AID NSW Not everyone qualifies, but if you have a legal problem and you have insufficient funds, give us a call and discuss your options. We are registered on the NSW Legal Aid panels: Criminal matters, and Family law matters. Legal Aid NSW can only assist you...

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Should I consider bankruptcy?

 What does it mean if I go into bankruptcy? You will have a trustee that will manage your bankruptcy Bankruptcy may affect your income, employment and business Bankruptcy does not release you from all debts It affects your ability to travel overseas Your name...

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