Is a company right for you?

  • Choosing a company name
  • How will your company operate?
  • Do you need a company constitution, or will you use the Replaceable Rules?
  • There are strict duties on directors. Understand your obligations as a company officeholder.
  • Get consent from officeholders, members and occupiers
  • Register your company
  • Do you need a shareholders’ agreement about duties and obligations between each other?
  • Register your company’s website domain name.
  • Register your company logo and other intellectual property of the company
  • After your company is registered apply for Tax file, register for GST (ABN), open bank accounts.
  • Register with Taxation Office “OneTouch” system.
  • Attend to business licensing
  • How will you keep accounts and records? Do you have the inhouse skills to meet you reporting obligations such as employee tax withholding, superannuation obligations?

Register a trading name

  • Choose your ‘Business name’
  • Provide your proposed business name and Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Decide the appropriate registration period
  • Enter the business name holder’s details.
  • Enter the proposed business name’s addresses
  • Confirm the eligibility to hold the business name.
  • Make payment and confirm your transaction
  • Once you’ve made payment, you’ll see a confirmation screen. Once payment has been made, your business name should be registered within 48 hours.


Your Agreement with your lawyer

Your lawyer should: You are in charge, your lawyer should make that clear You have a right to know the possible outcomes of your legal matter.  Sometimes your lawyer will need to tell you that the outcome you seek is not possible.  This might be for reasons of law or...

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Who can qualify for Legal Aid

LEGAL AID NSW Not everyone qualifies, but if you have a legal problem and you have insufficient funds, give us a call and discuss your options. We are registered on the NSW Legal Aid panels: Criminal matters, and Family law matters. Legal Aid NSW can only assist you...

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Should I consider bankruptcy?

 What does it mean if I go into bankruptcy? You will have a trustee that will manage your bankruptcy Bankruptcy may affect your income, employment and business Bankruptcy does not release you from all debts It affects your ability to travel overseas Your name...

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